Be Gentle with Apples

PRODUCE MAN All right, so you're in the store. You're ready to buy your Apples. You got your kids with you; your grand kids are with you, and you're gonna pick out some different varieties of Apples.

By the way, when you're making your favorite Apple pie, don't just buy one variety. Buy several varieties. Mix them up in the Apple pie. It enriches the flavor, makes it deeper and much richer.

So here's what I want you to do. When you're picking out apples -- and please teach your kids or grandkids this from the very beginning -- I want you -- see these stems right here?

These stems are very, very hard. See that? That stem is hard, and if you just bang the Apples around, you're gonna cause that stem to go into another Apple.

So when you are putting your Apples into the bag -- into the plastic bag, I want you to hand place them in the bag. Please, do not just drop them in the bag.

I want you to hand place them in the bag. Now, when you take them out, I want you to hand take them out. Again, don't bruise your Apples. Don't bang them around. Don't roll them around. You gotta treat them gently.

I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.