Basin Strong fundraiser draws thousands to help victim families and survivors of the mass shooting

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - Basin Strong was all about raising money for the survivors and the families of the victims killed in the Odessa mass shooting.

And what better way than a fundraiser with a little yeehaw?

Thousands of people came out to see Rick Trevino and Clay Walker, but more importantly, to give back to people who need their help.

“Very happy to be part of the healing process and to help support these families and friends of these victims both morally and financially,” Walker said.

Months after the Aug. 31 shooting claimed seven lives and injured dozens of people, many families are still struggling to cope with what happened.

“That day,” Fatai Quadri said. “It’s a day I can never forget in my life.”

Quadri was driving down I-20 when the shooter hit his hip and back three times.

He’s still working through the pain every day, but he said seeing people come together for people like him doesn’t make it so bad.

“When something happens to someone, and everyone comes together with you, you feel amazing,” Quadri said. “Like I’m not alone.”

Brad Grimsley went through a similar situation when he was shot in the stomach on that same highway.

He said he remembers the look of hate on the shooter’s face as he chased Grimsley down the highway seconds after he had attacked a state trooper.

“My wife and sister went into prayer,” Grimsley recounted. “Prayer I’d never seen in my life because she saw the officer actually bleeding.”

The only thing stronger than that hate is the love everyone else has shown him and his family.

“All over the country is a big comment, and it’s true. People that have come together put this together. Chamber of commerce and everybody absolutely wonderful.”

The kind of love and strength you can always find in the Permian Basin.

“We’ve pulled through a lot of things together,” Walker said. “Texans are United. It doesn’t matter if they’re in West Texas or up in the Panhandle, East Texas, South Texas.”

You can still give to the Basin Strong fundraising effort by going to
and you will find a tab to donate.

The money raised will go to funding the victims and survivors through the Odessa Chamber of Commerce.