Baseball player hurt in accident now out of ICU

LUBBOCK, Tx. (KOSA) -- This story was updated at 12 a.m. to include details provided by a family member.
A local baseball player who was hospitalized after being hit in the head by a baseball is recovering and now out of ICU at a Lubbock hospital.

(Photo: Mystery Baseball 12u Major/Facebook)

Diego "GoGo" Orona is now able to walk and see after having a drain removed. A picture shared by Orona's baseball team on Facebook shows the boy sitting up in bed.

This Saturday, several West Texas Youth Baseball teams will be getting together and playing in a fundraising tournament called "Sticks for 6" to support Diego and his family.
Diego Orona’s father, Roger Orona, told CBS7 on Thursday that his son’s feeding tube and the IV attached to his heart have been removed.

“There’s nothing hooked up on him anymore, except his neck brace that he has to wear. But everything else is completely off of him,” he said.

Orona said the community’s prayers are appreciated, and have been felt by Gogo and the entire family.

“It’s helped him a lot tremendously, knowing that he has a lot of people praying for him to recover. So it’s pushing him, we saw that definitely today,” he said.

The attentive father added that seeing his son smiling, talking and seeing is a blessing.

“For him to be able to look at us, you know, and smile. And I mean, he’s not fully recovered, but we’re just thankful for everything that God has done for him already, and for all the prayers support from everybody, we’re just truly blessed for all that,” he said.

Gogo is now able to walk with the help of others after being hospitalized from an accident during a game on April 7th.

“The first few days he was kind of scared, just emotional. And today, he was more confident and he walked without the walker, he ditched that, and he’s still taking baby steps. But he’s definitely getting better at walking longer distance. Still needing assistance of the nurses, but they say that’s a good sign that he’s making huge steps,” Orona said.

Orona said Gogo is still wearing a neck brace and his brain is still swollen. Orona added that doctors have told the family swelling is expected, and there’s no formula to figure out if and when the swelling could go completely down.

Orona said Gogo is slated to undergo a MRI scan on Friday.

The father said his family continues to thank God for proving healing, and that he can’t explain the joy he feels seeing his son recovering.

“I don’t even know how to put it in works, kind of seeing your firstborn child being born. It’s something just I don’t know how to explain it,” he said.

Orona said he wishes he knew and could tell the community when Gogo will be able to return home. While his brain remains swollen and he is recovering, Gogo will remain at Covenant Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Lubbock. Orona said in the future, Gogo could be moved to a rehabilitation facility to work on his balance and walking. He added that if Gogo improves enough, he could skip that process and go straight home.