Baby born addicted to drugs finds forever family for Christmas

Published: Dec. 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM CST
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For Patricia Acosta, the Foster Care and Adoption Supervisor at Buckner, getting the call is never easy and hearing each child’s story get even harder.

“Dylan was born in April and I got the call that there was a child at the hospital,” Acosta said. “The CPS worker gave me all the details, but said she’s not ready to be discharged... do you have a family?”

Acosta said that she knew she had to wait due to Dylan’s situation but she knew the exact family to call.

It was two stories combining. Dylan in need of a home and the Garret family looking for another piece of their puzzle as they had just signed up to foster a child.

“She was actually our first placement. We got the call earlier that morning,” Garrett said. “We went and met up with CPS that evening to meet her at the hospital because she still needed to be there for a couple more weeks.”

Like many of the children Buckner comes in contact with, Dylan was born highly addicted to drugs. She would have sneezing fits, tremors, a high pitched cry and had to be on morphine.

“It took her about 3 months to get her completely weaned off all the drugs she was born addicted to.”

Dylan would need a lot of care going forward as she suffers from ADD and is behind almost 6 to 12 months.

Garrett also said that she has to repeat things multiple times, that it sometimes doesn’t register.

That didn’t stop the Garrett’s from wanting to make Dylan’s stay permanent.

“It was love at first sight,” Garrett said. “I felt love for her like the same love that I had when I just laid eyes on my two biological children. Just a mother’s instinct. I just wanted to protect her, love her and take care of her.”

Garrett said that she knew she would fall in love with her first foster but that she’s just glad she doesn’t have to say goodbye.

And for the Buckner family, this is their goal. Finding homes for all their children.

“It has just been so wonderful to see them from that first day until now at the adoption day. Just being able to meet her needs, they have just been amazing.”

Acosta also told me that they have 61 children in their foster care. They range from babies all the way to seventeen.