Athletic trainers make Odessa High-Permian rivalry possible

ODESSA -- On Friday night, all eyes will be on the Permian and Odessa high school football players. But those guys couldn’t get ready for games, or get back onto the field, without the athletic trainers.

“All the ice, water, wrapping,” Permian student trainer Carimie Maxwell said. “We do injuries. We do laundry. Anything you don’t necessarily see on the field. We do.”

High school trainers get to school around 7 o’clock in the morning for player rehab… and go home after practice around 8 p.m. The hours are even longer on Friday

“Yeah it’s just an all-day thing,” Permian athletic trainer Natalie Wilson said. “It flies by really quickly actually. By the time game time hits, it’s been a solid 12 hour day at that point. And then 3 more hours for game time. “

The athletic trainers are helped by a team of student trainers who work just as many hours.

“They’re a huge help,” Wilson said. “I would not be able to manage 300 football players without them. There’s no way.”

Of course, being a trainer has its perks.

“You learn how to do the rehab,” Odessa student trainer Harley Garcia said. “And you just really grow friendships and memories with people.”

“I love it because it’s something that I’m interested in,” Maxwell said. “I love helping people. And I love football. And it’s Permian.”

If tempers flare during Friday’s rivalry game, the trainers can take care of that too.

“Sometimes things get out of hand,” Odessa student trainer Nadia Garcia said. “They start saying stuff on the sideline. And you’re just like, stop. Calm down. Let’s all breathe. It’s just a football game.”