Witnesses recount Odessa shooting

ODESSA -- A shooting at a residential neighborhood in Odessa Saturday afternoon sent one man home with non-life-threatening injuries, and another to jail.

The Odessa Police Department arrested 26-year-old Joey Maldonado and charged him with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The department is still searching for other suspects in connection to the shooting.

The assault occurred on 12th and Alleghaney.

It started out as a normal Saturday for neighbor, Karla Domney.

“I was fixing to get in the shower when I heard the gunshots,” she said.

At first she thought they were sounds from the power tools several construction workers were using to build a home one door over.

“Then I heard them yelling and like arguing so that’s what kind of like scared me. And I look out the window and I see these guys, the workers, running towards our house. So I was like, it is gunshots. So I grabbed my daughter, pretty much we were hiding underneath this desk,” she said.

A man who was running away from the gun fire shares why he thinks this frightening altercation took place.

“He asked me for the money, $200. I don’t know why. And he say no,” he said.

Vensor said the man tried to start an argument, but eventually left the site.

“And later on, the other guys come by with a gun, and start shooting,” he said.

The Odessa Police Department responded to the call of shots fired. Lieutenant Sherrie Carruth relayed the timeline of events.

“The subject left, returned with two other subjects, and another argument ensued. And at that point, the suspect fired off some rounds towards the subject, hitting him. One of them striking him, but not seriously causing any injuries. So he was pretty much grazed by the bullet, thankfully,” she said.