Andrews Christmas Lights Finds a New Home

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ANDREWS, TX - The Randall Roberts has been putting on their Christmas Light display since 2007.

"Anything I do I always overdo and this of course went that direction," Roberts said.

The large scale show and turn out last year caused some major issues for this year’s show.

"Last year after the unexpected notoriety from the Facebook video the crowd just became unmanageable on a small residential street," he said.

The Andrews Chamber of Commerce had an idea to keep the display going and growing in the heart of the city.

"We were able to go to the city and ask them, the city has been extremely cooperative, so it has just worked out. It is going to be a great spot for it," said Julia Wallace, Executive Director for the Andrews Chamber of Commerce.

Now this year on the corner of NW D St. and 3rd St. the show will go on. The area is open and provides a solution to many of the Roberts problems. Roberts almost said “no” to have a show this year due to little time to prepare, but did could not because of the kids.

"There is plenty of room for traffic, the street is wide there is lots of parking," Wallace said. The city is also adding bleachers and other features to help make the show enjoyable to all.

Leaving Roberts excited for putting on a new display for the public.

"We’ve added more pixels the computer controlled LEDs, there is going to be two pixel trees with really stunning animations going on them," he said.

The shows will start the Friday after Thanksgiving and run every night about 7 p.m.