Andrews Chamber of Commerce Warns Residence of "Direct Energy" Scam

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ANDREWS (From the Andrews Chamber of Commerce)
If you were contacted by anyone selling electricity for "Direct Energy" this weekend, please be advised that, if it was conveyed to you that you would not have to pay transmission and distribution charges, that statement is NOT true.

All customers in the state of Texas pay those charges. In addition, the individuals selling door-to-door did not have a permit from the City of Andrews to be doing so. If one of them comes to your home, or business, during business hours, please call Dreux Garrett with the City of Andrews at 664-0482.

Please remember that the City of Andrews issues temporary peddler permits to individuals seeking to go door-to-door within the city limits and that permit should be clearly visible when the person comes to your door - always ask to see the permit if it is not visible. If they are unable to produce one, ask the person to leave do not hesitate to call the Andrews police department to report the individual.