Andrews Chamber Warns Against Ads in an Information Guide

ANDREWS The Andrews Chamber of Commerce is advising the community against doing business with a company sending out emails that advertise about ads in a full color City of Andrews Information Guide.

An email sent out by Chamber President, Julia Wallace says the group is not affliated with the Chamber in any way.

"We refused to distribute their magnets because our local law enforcement does not endorse them and they do not receive any of the funding from the sale of the magnets," Wallace said. "Especially during these lean times, we would like to encourage you to spend your advertising/sponsorship money locally and in a way that not only gets you the most bang for your advertising buck, but also supports our community and not on some fly-by-night, out-of-town company that rides in to town and "takes the money and runs."

According to Wallace the Chamber will be work on a updated City/County map and full-color Community Directory in the very near future, one that will work in such a way that it benefits both the Chamber and the community.

A copy of the email being sent residents and businesses in Andrews reads as follows:

2016 City of Andrews Information Guide

There will be up to 5,000 exclusive full color City of Andrews Information Guides to be distributed this January 1, 2016. The distribution will be direct mail as well as local high traffic areas for our local families and businesses to pick up. The City of Information Guides are meant to keep the house holds safe by having all the emergency contacts and other important numbers like the local school districts, utilities and the local Chamber of Commerce. The Information Guide are a perfect fit all businesses looking to grow long term in the community on a product base right in the business and family homes. We are only looking for three to five ads from businesses whom understand and support the fight to keep our families safe.

Spaces are very limited so you must call us to reserve the exclusive ad today. Ad space can only be reserved by call the toll free number below.

2x4 ad: $349.50 ( Business Card )

4x4 ad: $399.50 (Platinum Ad)

2x11 ad: $699.50 (The bottom banner)

4x11 ad: $799.99 (The entire front of the guide)

Sara Carson
Project Director