An Apple Expedition

PRODUCE MAN I love walking down the produce aisle this time of year because you are going to find a dozen or so different varieties of Apples.

More varieties of Apples than even what's on my shirt.

So I tell everybody, if you have kids or you have grandkids, I want you go on a Lewis and Clark expedition.

In fact, this week Lewis and Clark, they finished their expeditions back in the 1770s or 1780s.

But anyway they finished their expedition.

I want you to go on a Lewis and Clark expedition with your kids or grandkids.

Every week I want you to pick out a different variety of Apple.

Over the next three months, your kids are gonna pick out, what, 12 different varieties of Apples, and each week is a new variety.

Learn about that new variety.

You're gonna look it up on the internet.

You can go to

I have information on all the different varieties.

And I guarantee you, your kids will fall in love with many different varieties of Apples.

I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.