Amarillo Burger King employee credited with helping diabetic customer

Tina Hardy. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Boening on Facebook)

AMARILLO -- An employee at a Burger King location in Amarillo is being praised on social media for her quick action to help a diabetic customer.

According to a Facebook post from Rebecca Boening, she was driving along when she realized her blood sugar had dropped to a dangerous level.

That's when Boening noticed a Burger King nearby, and she headed to the drive-thru.

In the drive-thru Boening placed her order, adding that she was diabetic and in need of food.

According to Boening, as she pulled up to the first window to pay she saw employee, Tina Hardy. running towards her car. Tina got to her window and delivered a small serving of ice cream just in time.

In the Facebook post Boening states that Tina said she had a husband who was diabetic, and knew she needed help.

Once Boening pulled up to pick up her food she was told by Tina to park across from the driveway so that she could keep an eye on her until she began feeling better.

According to Boening, she made sure to tell Tina's supervisor of what she had done.

"If you appreciate what this special woman did please share this story. Hopefully Tina Hardy will receive the recognition that she truly deserves from the public and from the big bosses at Burger King," Boening said in the post.