Suspect killed in Alpine standoff

ALPINE -- A suspect is dead following a lengthy standoff in Alpine on Monday.

According to the Brewster County Sheriff's Office, their deputies and officers with the Alpine Police Department responded to a home where a suspect was reportedly making threats.

When officers arrived on scene they learned that the suspect in question was armed and refusing to leave the home.

"We knew from the start today that the ending wouldn't be good. We kept on and on and he wasn't responsive to any of his family members or anything like that," said Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson.

That's when authorities decided to end the standoff.

"We decided to try to end it by administering tear gas into the house and when that happened he came out shooting and of course the deputies responded," stated Sheriff Dodson.

When the suspect left the home he reportedly opened fire, causing deputies on scene to return fire and shoot him. He was then pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect has not been identified at this time. The Texas Rangers are now investigating the shooting.