Alpine Fire Chief Mark Scudder passes away

(Photo courtesy of the Alpine Fire Department)

ALPINE, Tx. (KOSA) -- The Chief of the Alpine Fire Department has passed away after suffering a medical episode.

According to the Alpine Fire Department's Facebook Page, Chief Mark Scudder passed away at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa just after 2 a.m. on Thursday.

Mark had worked as a paramedic for the past 34 years and served as Fire Chief for 19 years.

Mark had just turned 59 and celebrated his birthday on August 30 with Michael.

A post, which was written by Mark's twin brother Michael states that Mark was airlifted to the hospital on Monday morning.

You can read Michael's full post below.

"This is the worst day of my life. At 2:18 am my best friend, identical twin brother for 59 years, the best Paramedic I have ever known, the bravest, best Firefighter and Alpine Fire Chief ever and the the most friendly, selfless giving man I have ever known went to God after passing away in the ICU at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa after suffering septic shock. I have never cried as much as I have this morning. I am broken, I am destroyed, half of my life is forever gone, I no longer have my best friend to talk too, hang out with and work with. We celebrated our 59th birthday together on August 30th and had the best time ever at the Century Club Restaurant. We worked on vehicles together Friday and had a blast laughing together. The last time I saw him was loading him in the air ambulance Monday morning at 11 am. I held his hand and said "I"ll see later this isn't good bye". The Native Air ambulance flight crew were the best. They took excellent care of him throughtout the 35 minute flight. They arrived at the ER at OMC at 1225 pm. The last time I spoke to him was Monday night at 7 pm while he had to wait in the Odessa Medical Center ER waiting for them to figure out plans to get him to the ICU. He sounded so sick and could hardly breath wondering how much longer before getting a room in the ICU. I told him to hang in there and that I loved him. He was finally admitted to the ICU at 730 pm Monday night. I said we'll be there in the morning. I hung up and cried myself to sleep. Early Tuesday morning his wife Cathy called and said Mark had been intubated and put on a ventilator. We got up and Traci and I rushed to Odessa. When we were 10 miles out of Odessa, Cathy called and said Mark had suffered cardiac arrest but was successfully resuscitated. When we got there it was a horrific sight. I never got to talk to him again. Wednesday night Mark suffered a second cardiac arrest and was again resuscitated. The doctor felt if it happened again he probably couldn't be resuscitated. The doctor said there was no improvement on his condition, his Laboratory values and his organs were failing. He felt there was nothing left that could be done. Early this morning his heart stopped and we made the decision to allow him to pass away in peace. Please God, keep my brother happy until we meet again. My life will never be the same. Our family has been decimated. With his wife Cathy Scudder, Corey Scudder, Amy Scudder, Colby Scud, Traci Planck Felsot, Jessica Scudder Patterson, Matt White, Jen White, Cathy's sister Anna and Cathy's parents and my self, we stayed with him till the very end. Please pray for our family. On behalf of myself and our entire family we would like to thank our friends and everyone else who prayed, sent well wishes and thoughts for Mark. God please take Mark in your loving hands and protect him."