FIRST ON CBS7: All Midland County employees getting an 8% raise

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MIDLAND, TX (KOSA) -- On Monday the Midland County Commissioners approved giving all Midland County employees an 8% pay raise across the board.

Midland County Commissioners approve for pay raises for county employees.

During the Midland County Commissioners meeting, which took place at the Midland County Courthouse many tears were shed by people in the Sheriff's Office. They said they showed up to present their case to the Commissioners to get a better pay raise.

Margarita Strahan plays many roles within MCSO and said she needed to see an 8 % pay raise in order to keep up with the ends meet.

“We have an overload of cases. We are still out there fighting for your safety. We are going to be here. We just needed to be heard,” said Strahan.

In the original proposal the Commissioners proposed a one time bonus of $4,000 dollars to be given out.

Chief Deputy Rory Mckinney said close to about 89% of his force holds a second or third job just to be able to provide for their families.

McKinney said his employees need to be able to not only see but feel the impact of their pay raise.

“We had to come together as a team and speak for those who couldn’t be here. Because they are working or with their families. They are working that second job or that third job. We had to speak for them and we came together like we always have and we will continue doing it,” said Strahan.

Strahan said the new approved 8% pay raise for all county employees will give people all county employees a chance to breathe, especially her fellow deputies.

“We love our job, we have so much passion for our job. Just to finally be heard. It’s a good start that just makes our job even better. It builds the moral and it gives something to look forward too. Like someone is actually listening to us,” said Strahan.