Airbnb warning South by Southwest travelers against rental scams

(KFDA) -- If you’re traveling to South by Southwest this week, make sure to double check your Airbnb rental, Newschannel 10 reports.

The company is warning the more than 6,800 SXSW travelers against scammers, saying they can pose as legitimate Airbnb listings.

Airbnb has received reports of scammers leading guests to book on third-party websites, which are unaffiliated with the company.

They can also mock up fake pages made to look like legitimate Airbnb websites.

Airbnb is warning guests to ensure their transactions are done on the official Airbnb website and to watch out for deals that seem too good to be true.

Guests should also be wary of anyone who asks a traveler to send money outside of the official Airbnb app or website, such as by bank or wire transfer.