After push from local prosecutor, rep asks for harsher penalties in assaulting pregnant women

Representative Brooks Landgraf for District 81 has filed House Bill 3539 which would make it a third-degree felony to assault a pregnant woman in Texas, instead of a misdemeanor.

In a statement Landgraf says:

"Like so many of you, I believe that when a pregnant woman is assaulted, both the mother and the unborn child are victims, and a more severe punishment for the convicted attacker is justified. My aim is to protect both the pregnant mother and her child, but also create a greater deterrent for awful assaults of this kind.
I want to thank a local prosecutor, Kortney Williams, who asked for the law to be changed to provide a tool against someone who assaults a pregnant woman. She and her colleagues in the Ector County Attorney's Office deserve the credit for getting this plan off the ground!"