Affidavit: Duncan killed running after suspects who stole marijuana

MIDLAND COUNTY, Tx. (KOSA) -- Details on the deadly shooting of Robert Duncan have emerged from newly released arrest affidavits.

Rogelio Cadena, 18, Larry West, 17, Zayden Hayes, 18, and John Hayes, 17. The mugshot for Rogelio Vasquez was not immediately available. (Mugshots: Midland County Jail)

According to the arrest affidavits, the Midland Police Department began looking into Duncan's disappearance on Friday, December 27 and were told by his acquaintances that he was fine.

A few days later on December 30 those same acquaintances recanted their original story and led officers to County Road 1230 where they believed Duncan had been shot as a result of a drug deal.

The acquaintances told authorities that Duncan was going to sell marijuana to a group of teens who then stole the marijuana and ran away.

Duncan then gave chase and the acquaintances heard gunshots. They told authorities that they never saw him again.

On December 31 the Midland County Sheriff's Office and Midland Police Department began looking for the teens who Duncan was going to sell marijuana to.

Authorities eventually found and interviewed Larry West, Zayden Hayes, and Rogelio Cadena.

According to the affidavits, those interviews led authorities to believe that the three teens decided to steal the marijuana from Duncan before the deal. When Duncan began chasing them he was confronted by Hayes, who was in possession of a firearm owned by Cadena.

The affidavit states that Hayes shot Duncan twice, killing him.

The three teens then returned to Cadena's home and Cadena reportedly disposed of their weapons.

Duncan's body and evidence were eventually found by authorities. The affidavit states that evidence found at the scene corroborated statements given by Hayes, West and Cadena. The three teens were then charged and arrested.