A dozen dogs bitten by rattlesnakes in Odessa

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 10:40 PM CDT
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An Odessa vet’s office reports it’s had about a dozen dogs bitten by rattlesnakes in just one day.

One puppy died, while the others are still recovering from their bites.

Vets say spikes in attacks come twice a year when the weather changes around Labor Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend and this heat encourages them to slither into neighborhoods looking for water.

Most snakes live outside the cities; however, vets warn newly developed communities tend to have a lot of snakes because many of them linger after their habitat is cleared away.

“So, you’ll find that the developments north and south of the towns in Midland and Odessa where the growth is in those new house subdivisions, they’ll get a lot of snakes in their area too,” Managing Veterinarian of the West Texas Emergency Veterinary Clinic Dr. Ann Willis explained.

Vets warn dog owners to keep their pets inside during the day when snakes are most active and to check for swelling, which likely means they’ve been bitten.

Dog owners can also get a rattlesnake vaccine to prevent a potentially fatal bite.