A Ripe Bell Pepper

PRODUCE MAN Have you ever seen a ripe bell pepper? Oh, sure you have. Oh, i guarantee you have seen a ripe bell pepper. See, all bell peppers they start out as green. That is an immature bell pepper.

As it ripens -- that's right, it ripens -- it changes color, either red or orange or yellow. That's right. These are the ripe versions of a green bell pepper. All green bell peppers will eventually ripen. Now, when i say ripen, do they get sweeter?

Oh, yes, they do. A red bell pepper an orange or a yellow bell pepper, they're very sweet. In fact, i call them "candy bells", they are so sweet. And are they healthier for you because they're riper? Oh, let me tell you something, these bell peppers have far more vitamin c; far more vitamin a than a green bell pepper.

So if you're looking for a sweet bell pepper -- really sweet, get them ripe. Yeah, ripe. I'm Michael Marks, your Produce Man.