New Zealand volcano vents steam, stymies recovery of bodies

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WHAKATANE, New Zealand (AP) - A New Zealand island volcano is venting more steam and mud after a deadly eruption two days ago.

Six people have died as a result of the White Island eruption. Authorities believe another eight bodies remain on the island but say it’s too dangerous to recover them. (Source: Twitter/Michael Schade/CNN)

The increased geothermal activity is delaying the recovery of victims' bodies believed to remain on the ash-covered island.

The GeoNet seismic monitoring agency says volcanic tremors on White Island rose in the morning, accompanied by releases of more steam and mud.

It said the activity was a sign of high gas pressure and the volcano's possible future activity was uncertain.

Six deaths have been confirmed from Monday's eruption. Thirty people remain hospitalized, with many of them suffering severe burns.

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