A wall in Midland brings hope

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) A #PermianBasinStrong wall is up and open for Midland and Odessa residents to sign. Community members that have signed the wall so far have left messages of encouragement following the shooting that occurred this past weekend.

The wall was created from scratch by Radio Personalities from Ninety Nine Point Nine KBAT. The three gentlemen that helped put this wall together thought it would bring a sense of hope to the community.

Radio Personality Robert Brown says that when he looks at the wall it brings a sense of hope to him and others around him….

“We really wanted to give the community a voice and an outlet somewhere where they can express their feelings and their well wishes”

So far, at random times of the day, people will stop by and sign the wall.

Brown states that for now, the sign will remain up until further notice