The Young Women's Leadership Academy Officially Opens

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) The Young Women’s Leadership Academy officially opened this week.

The school specializes on preparing its all female curriculum made up ninety-two sixth graders and seventy seventh graders. Specialized programs like Robotics, Leadership, and Health and Wellness are offered for the girls to help them later on if they choose to go to College.

Principal Jennifer Seybert has a vision that she feels is very important for every student who walks through her school doors. Women Empowerment is something she and the rest of her faculty try to instill in the the sixth and seventh grade girls. Within the first week, some teachers at the Academy have seen a high volume of classroom participation from the girls in the class.
Seybert hand picked every girl to come to the Academy by holding interviews prior to them starting school this term. She felt that every single girl she picked had value and a strong sense of urgency when it came to their education and future goals as well

Seybert states, “My role is being a mentor and a role model and show them how a strong female carries them self.”

Her goal is by the year 2024, the school will serve sixth to twelfth grade girls.