Midland Independent School District Back in Session Tomorrow

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) Midland Independent School District returns to school tomorrow. Parents play a key role in sending their children off to school. One Midland parent has five children who attend school’s in the Midland community. She, like most parents is very anxious for the new year to officially begin.
Alongside raising her children, Kirk also runs a Wellness Facility and a Coaching Business. She says purchasing back to school supplies may be fun but, looking for deals is what she has her eye on when purchasing school supplies
“We always look for sales; sales are a mom’s best friend.”
Kirk also mentions that she is well aware of how hard teachers will work this year and upcoming years to educate her children. Last week, while volunteering at Elevate, she was part of a program called “Back to School for the Teachers,” she was able to see first hand how hard the teachers are planning to prepare for this upcoming school year.
Kirk’s goal like many other mothers is to have her children have a pleasant school year. With all of this happening tomorrow she anticipates what the rest of the school year will bri