Teachers and students go to Tallahassee for funding help

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Teachers and students gathered at the State Capitol Wednesday to make their voices heard. Their goal? To get more money for Bay District Schools.

For Southport Elementary Media Specialist Cayla Anderson, she's in Tallahassee for one reason: her students.

"After such a catastrophic event, that's their comfort, that's who they know, and if their teacher is the one that has to be gone and they don't get to see them every day that's just another hurdle that they're going to have to jump over," Anderson said.

Michael's Angels intended to meet with officials in Tallahassee to talk about Hurricane Michael relief, but after Bay District Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt announced the school district was in dire need of more money, they said they knew they had to do more.

"We need to go because this is our passion, this is our heart, and we need to fight for what Panama City needs right now," Kim Gann, a teacher at Southport Elementary School, said.

"I worry more about what's going to happen to the next four or five years of kids as they come through if, you know, class sizes increase and they're already struggling or they don't have as many instructors or as many electives and opportunities there for them to make them a more rounded individual and to give them a better chance at life," Greg Bailie, a teacher at Bay High School, said.

Kids of all ages made the trip east to tell their stories and show lawmakers just who exactly the lack of relief directly impacts.

"Education is the key to everything in life and for us to have classes over sized and teachers over stressed it doesn't make for a good class, it doesn't make for a good course, teacher's are not going to be on their best," Daegan Branch, a student at Arnold High School, said.

If nothing else, Wednesday did provide a lesson in civics.

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