Andrews Vol. Firefighter takes truck to high school prom, fire department makes public apology

ANDREWS, Tx (KOSA) -- The following was posted by the Andrews Volunteer Fire Department on its Facebook page Sunday morning:

"The Andrews Volunteer Fire Department needs to make a public apology. Tonight we had a firefighter take our ladder truck out without authorization and make a appearance at the high school prom with lights and sirens. We do realize this caused some concern with parents not knowing what was happening at the High school. This action is not condoned by by our deptartment and action is being taking with this firefighter. Again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause to the members of the community."

Over 40 community members have commented on the post, and most claimed that it wasn't a big deal.

Sarah De La Cruz said, "It was clear there was not a problem. Truck wasn’t even there 5 minutes. Ease up this guy was making someone’s prom night awesome."

Deborah Drake added, "If said fireman had the proper training to drive that truck, what is the big deal? I mean I see the truck used for all kinds of events around here for years. Almost every major event gets an appearance, good grief. Good ole Andrews politics back at work again."

A few others chimed in with a different opinion.

Ellen Mae Hoffman said, "Think it was taken without asking. What if they had needed it."

Alexiss Villegas added, "Omg, totally not cool."