Naked Florida women ‘air drying’ at rest stop lead troopers on a chase, police say

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PASCO COUNTY, FL (Gray News) — Several of Florida’s state troopers suffered injuries in a police chase that started in a rest stop Wednesday morning.

(L-R) Oasis McLeod, Jeniyah Mcleod and Cecilia Young. (Source: Pasco County Jail )

Troopers told the Bradenton Herald a custodian at the rest stop reported three women "standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion.”

The women reportedly told the responding trooper they’d just showered and were air drying. Suddenly, they took off running to their Nissan Sentra and sped off.

The trooper gave chase but decided to hang back because the pursuit would have put innocent lives in jeopardy and violate the agency’s guidelines.

Another trooper spotted the women weaving through traffic, at points even driving the wrong direction.

The second trooper chased the suspects, but only long enough to deploy a StarChase projectile that allowed them to be tracked. Once the suspects’ car was tagged, the officer pulled back and let them drive off.

Authorities found the Sentra parked at a convenience store. A trooper tried to arrest one of them as she left the store, but the driver intervened and tried to run over the officer.

Fortunately, the trooper jumped backward and avoided the car, but the danger wasn’t over.

A woman hopped out of the car wielding a metal bat, ready to attack.

But another nearby officer saw the trooper in danger and rammed the Sentra with a patrol car.

The suspects drove off again, but troopers finally brought them to a stop by using spike strips to pop the right-side tires and the PIT maneuver to spin the car around.

Even so, the suspects wouldn’t go quietly. Troopers said they locked arms in the car and refused to be arrested.

That all came to an end when authorities used a taser. Investigators took them to the Pasco County Jail to face charges of fleeing to elude, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

Law enforcement identified the driver as 18-year-old Oasis Mcleod, and identified Jeniyah Mcleod and Cecilia Young as the 19-year-old passengers.

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