500 pounds of marijuana found hidden under Camaro

Photo 1: Truck and yellow Camaro seized by Border Patrol

SIERRA BLANCA -- A driver was taken into custody after 500 pounds of marijuana was found in a trailer under a Chevrolet Camaro.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a Dodge Ram pulling a car hauler with a Camaro entered the primary inspection lane at the Sierra Blanca immigration checkpoint on Monday afternoon.

A Border Patrol canine at the checkpoint alerted agents to the trailer, indicating either hidden drugs or stowaways.

Agents used a non-intrusive device called the Z-Backscatter to x-ray the vehicle and found anomalies in the floor of the car hauler.

A search then found more than 400 vacuum sealed bags of marijuana weighing a total of 521 pounds. The marijuana was valued at $417,000.

The driver, a Mexican national who lived near Houston was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso for further investigation.

Photo 1: Truck and yellow Camaro seized by Border Patrol
Photo 2: Agents uncover marijuana concealed in floor of trailer
Photo 3: Z-Backscatter shows marijuana hidden in trailer
Photo 4: Over 400 packages of marijuana hidden in trailer