Hospital in Andrews looking to Add Memory Care Facility

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ANDREWS -- The Andrews community could soon be home to a new memory care center.

It will be designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Permian Reginal Medical Center’s CEO Russell Tippin says a common misconception is that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia only affect certain people, but the reality is it can affect anyone.

PRMC says this particular type of unit is needed to make treatment more accessible for those in rural communities.

“There’s a new set of people that need more than a nursing home can provide,” Permian Regional Medical CEO Russell Tippin said.

“They need that specialized day-to-day care and it has to be provided in a controlled environment.”

Tippin believes a memory care facility is the solution and they even have a location on the hospital site for it.

“We left space between the hospital and the nursing home on purpose for a memory care unit should we choose to do one,” Tippin said. “We already have the water, electricity, and sewer underground already prepped.”

The facility is expected to cost between seven to nine million dollars and will offer around the clock care for anyone living with memory care diseases.

“Andrews wants what’s best and when they entrust you to do things they know you’re going to do it right and when you do it right they know that the price is worth it,” Tippin said.

In order for it to be built, the hospital will need to pass a bond which would cost homeowners nearly two dollars a month.

The hospital board of trustees will meet with the community members to find out if they would support the plan.

The board would have to vote in August to hold a special election which would be in November.