Congressman's roadtrip leads him to Midland

MIDLAND -- Two Texas Lawmakers have taken on the ultimate Bipartisan trip.

El Paso Congressman Beto O'Rourke who's a Democratic Representative and Republican Congressman Will Hurd went on a road trip together.

The trip started in San Antonio all the way to Washington D.C.

O’Rourke stopped by Midland our cameras were rolling at Grub Burger in Midland as O’Rourke addressed a patio full of Midlanders.

The duo challenged other congress members to think of their counterparts from opposite parties, and choose who they'd like to go on a road trip with.

"Spending a lot of time with someone from the other side of the aisle not only allowed me to understand things from his perspective not only allowed him to understand things from my perspective but it developed the basis for a working relationship where we're actually going to get something done."

O’Rourke talked about bills he's pushing for and he also listened to, and answered questions from citizens.