MISD sets goals to improve student performance

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MIDLAND -- Midland Independent School District is taking big steps to improve student performance throughout the district.

The district is reaching out to the Texas Education Agency for help with their educational mission.

Its step-by-step plan is all part of the Lone Star Governance Report: a blue print of MISD’s goals for all its students.

The district is one of the first in the state of Texas to take on the Lone Star Governance Report.

Although the district has seen an improved graduation rate, its goal is to graduate every student prepared and ready for college and a career.

“I can tell you that our board did a lot of work,” MISD spokesperson Woodrow Bailey said. “Hours and hours of work. [It took] an entire weekend a few weeks ago to actually put all of this information together.”

The report will keep the district on track as it looks at areas of student improvement. One focus, for example, is reading skills.

By the year 2020, MISD expects the amount of kindergarten through second graders reading at or above grade level to increase to 75 percent. Right now, just half of those students read at or above their grade level.

To make improvements, the district will work with a consultant from the TEA who will guide board members through the process.

“It’s very much data-driven. It sets benchmarks every single year,” Bailey said.

MISD plans to achieve its goals by following a strict calendar and monitoring its student performance progress.

“We'll be able to reassure our community that there's a plan in place and moving forward for the next several years,” Bailey concluded.

The district will be holding public forums where it shares its goals and plans of action.

Bailey says the forums also give the district a chance to show its transparency.
Parents are urged to attend so they can take part in the district’s collaborative efforts.

Tomorrow is the first community meeting where the district will unveil its Lone Star Governance Report.

The meeting will take place at First Presbyterian Church from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

All following meetings will be in the same time frame.

Come Thursday, Stonegate Fellowship will house the next meeting.

The third meeting will be at Greater Ideal Family Life Center, and finally on February 28 a meeting will be at the Midland Hispanic Cultural Center.