High winds may pose a threat to your health

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We are in allergy season and it's usually one of the worst times in West Texas.

As our Weather Authority team has forecast these strong winds could stir up unwanted allergy problems.

CBS 7 spoke with Dr. Miguel Wolbert and he tells us our goal is to minimize your reactions as much as possible but you may not realize that things in your environment could make your symptoms even worse.

Thursday's warm temperatures and windy conditions may contribute to a perfect storm for allergies.

“These small little partials that float around in the environment they become air also and we breathe them in and they can get into our nose get on our eyes and even get into our lungs," said Wolbert.

Allergy specialist Dr. Miguel Wolbert believes climate change is to blame for making allergy season last longer and becoming more intense.

"When we get windy weather and its nice and warm and the plants really strike with their pollen levels it can hit you just like that and be a very significant when its present," Wolbert explains.

People with allergies can get hit with symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and runny noses, but Dr. Wolbert says you can control it with shots.

"We see almost a 90% benefit when patients go on allergy injections in terms of controlling and eliminating the symptoms and it can actually help patients get off medications," said Wolbert.

During allergy season you can also protect yourself by not going outside when plants are pollinating between 5 am and 9 am, also if you're exposed change your clothes, wash your hands and face.