A different kind of ICU helping students succeed

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Fort Stockton -- A new school program at the Fort Stockton Middle School sees big results when it comes to their student's academic performance.

And it’s all thanks to the power of ICU.

Just like the name it is intensive care but it's focused on academic health.

CBS 7 spoke with the Principal Friday and he says ICU is about a new culture on campus.

Every students completes every assignment, that's Fort Stockton Middle School’s mission.

“We're required to intervene when students are struggling with assignments. We have a number of people on board to help lifeguard these kids that need the extra help," said Roy Alvarado, Principal of Fort Stockton Middle School.

This is why he says the school recently turned to the power of ICU.

"When we started in year one our focus was just on completion of assignments we we're battling student apathy we we're struggling with just getting things done," Alvarado says.

While ICU shares the same acronym as the medical world, this ICU system works much differently.

"It's a working lunch, we call students out to help them with their assignments during lunch and through recess if we have to and as soon as their done they can rejoin their peers,” Alvarado explains.

Now three years later the number of failing grades has dropped significantly.

"I see more A’s, B's, and C's then F's," said Alvarado.

He believes the program is working with more than 3,000 assignments completed ICU last semester.