Editorial: Iraan tragedy brings West Texas together

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KOSA -- We want to take just a moment as a TV station to recognize the significance of this moment for West Texas.

#PrayForIraan more than a hashtag on social media and billboards, has become a movement.

When the Iraan school bus carrying cheerleaders and sponsors crashed last week it struck a chord with all of us.

In the days following the tragedy the heart and soul of the people of West Texas really shined through during a very dark time.

The people of Iraan, the family of Liz Pope, and others who were injured have been embraced with fundraisers and public displays of love.

Tonight when cheerleaders from across West Texas take the field, they will lift up the entire community as they cheer for the Braves.

It will be a moment when we can all be proud to say we are West Texas.