Sensory Friendly event allowing special needs kids to visit with Santa

Odessa -- Sundays are known to be a quiet and more peaceful time at Music City Mall which made it the perfect opportunity to allow children who are sensitive in those environments to enjoy Santa Claus and some holiday fun.

MCM hosted the sensory friendly event, children and their families took this opportunity to spend time together and make new memories, which organizers say is the purpose of this gathering.

“I don't think there's anything more exciting for a child than getting to meet Santa Claus and you know, when you have a special need it's a little bit harder, you have to stand in line, its noisy, you know, all those little things we try to take into consideration and try to keep it a little bit quieter and give them a little more time to visit with him,” said Kathy Swindler, an event organizer.

Over 30 families attended today’s holiday gathering.

Children and their families were given a discounted price for a Santa Claus photo package.