Two border towns march in solidarity

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PRESIDIO-OJINAGA -- Since the election people all across the country have been vocal about their feelings for President-elect Donald Trump.

Right here in the Permian Basin, two communities are coming together, but not in protest of the outcome, but to walk in solidarity against hate.

Voices cheering "viva la frontera” meaning “long live the border" permeated the bridge separating the United States and Mexico yesterday.

But it wasn't a political protest—rather, a protest against hate and a walk promoting unity.

"It’s about support, a message of ‘we've got your back, Mexico.’” That’s exactly the message active community member Lurie Holman and Mayor John Ferguson had in mind, as they led the whole community in a solidarity march yesterday.

“The purpose of this walk is to show solidarity, unity, and peace that we have down here on the border of Mexico," Holman said.

West Texans met in Presidio and walked to the international bridge between Ojinaga, Mexico and the United States where they met up with their neighbors across the border.

Mexicans and Americans had one goal: to show everyone that the two border towns may be from different countries and cultures, but are very much one community.

Yellow markers on the road showing where Mexico and the United States meet reflected the communities of Presidio and Ojinaga coming together as one in the solidarity march.

“The border is a very special place and lot of people are afraid of it, but if they were to take the time to come see the border—eat at our restaurants—they find out it’s no different from other places,” Presidio Mayor John Ferguson said, adding that both communities rely on one another and that’s why yesterday’s unity march was so important.

"We are still united and no matter what are going to continue to work together,” Ferguson said.

“We are each other here, most of the people from Presidio are from OJ, and we are all family here. We all accept each other here,” said Mexican citizen Tamara Carrasco.

And on that bridge separating two countries yesterday was one big family coming together, hand in hand.