Snapchat: Users Can Now Re-post Old Snaps From the Past

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It used to be that you had to save your pictures and videos, or "snaps" to your phone in order to keep them.

But now, the popular video and picture-sharing mobile app, Snapchat, unveils its new "Memories" feature.

Old snaps (videos and pictures) are saved in Snapchat's database, and can be pulled up from the past and re-posted to a person's story.

Here's how you do it: Just swipe up from the camera screen and you can access your memories.

Some are saying Snapchat's new Memory feature goes against the app's main purpose: pictures and videos that are sent and received disappear after ten seconds, and stories that are posted are gone after 24 hours.

Users can even string Memories into a new Story.

Snapchat creators made a frame that will be displayed around Memory snaps, so viewers know it's from the past and not hot off the press.

The Memories feature will begin rolling out selectively over the next month, so not everyone will get it at the same time.