Scientists Say "Wink Sink" Sinkhole is Collapsing

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WINK- A massive sinkhole in Wink, better known as the "Wink Sink" to locals, is said to be expanding and on the verge of collapsing. It's under the lens of researchers and professors from Southern Methodist University in Dallas; they say they've been watching the sinkhole expand through satellite imagery.

SMU Professor Zhong Lu says the sinkhole is expanding at a rate of one foot every three years.

"Kids used to swim in it," said Winkler County Sheriff George Keeley. He says local law enforcement is more concerned about the safety of the site than a massive collapse.

CBS 7 crews flew about 4,000 feet above the sinkhole today to get a better look. The site is entirely fenced off, and there are some portions of cliff that drop at least 50 to 100 feet before the water surface.

Professor Zhong says the first sinkhole formed in the 1980's, and the second and smaller one was discovered in May of 2002. Zhong says the research team's satellite imagery is so accurate, "you can't see what we see with the naked eye."

Sheriff Keeley on the other hand is not entirely sold on the idea: "They're scientists, I'm a cop... they have their opinion, but nobody's leaving yet, I haven't noticed any of the Wink residents packing up and leaving because of the Wink Sinkhole."

All Sheriff Keeley says he's worried about is keeping residents away from the sinkhole and its site. He warns residents that if they're caught trespassing, they will be arrested.