Orlando Mass Shooting Raises Safety Questions in Permian Basin

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MIDLAND- This weekend’s shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando has people across the country wondering about their own safety. Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said local law enforcement is keeping an eye out.

“We have officers trained. If something comes up, if they rear their ugly head, we’re going to send them to hell,” said Painter, holding back no words. Although he believes almost everyone has the right to own a gun, problems arise when weapons fall into the wrong hands, like those of the mentally ill or convicted felons.

“These people cannot own a weapon or possess ammunition, but they do,” said Painter. He also said the city works closely with a terrorism task force that’s partnered with federal agencies.

“We’re always watching. We’re always keeping a vigilant eye out on the possibility that there may be someone that’s going to want to try something stupid.”

But aside from relying on security measures like surveillance cameras, the sheriff says it’s good to always be aware.

“Any time you’re going to have a gathering of people, you’re going to have crime,” said Painter. He said to watch out for radicals—that’s anyone who looks visibly upset.

Finally the sheriff warns everyone to pay attention to their surroundings, and if something seems wrong, either let security know or just leave.