Midland codes clearing one "eyesore" vehicle at a time

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Midland -- The Tall City is doing a massive cleanup. They’re targeting junked cars. If one of these vehicles is sitting on your front yard beware, your vehicle could even be towed off and crushed. City codes worked hard today as they de-junked the streets.

"Not all of them are junk," said Officer Yvette Macias, who’s been with Midland Codes Administration for two years now.

Macias says the sweep is done in an effort to keep Midland neat, clean, and beautiful. But the Codes Administration are not “out to get you,” as Macias explained.

“You’re trying to keep your property values up but the house next door to you has all this junk—it’s hard for you to sell your house.”

Macias says key indicators of a junked vehicle that codes looks for are cars that are damaged, are overdue on registration, and don’t show signs of being driven.

The codes will take violators to court and if they’re considered a nuisance, their car will be taken off and crushed.

“The last sweep was 400 [cars],” said Macias.

Here’s what you need to know in order to avoid having your car taken away: If you get a violation, Macias says to let codes know the status of your car. You can tell them you’re working on getting your car back into commission, or have plans to have it moved off of your yard. Macias says that way, codes can help you get your property back into compliance.

"Thing is, they don't understand we just have stuff unexpectedly on the property temporarily,” said Ben Belloc, a property owner who is currently in a legal battle with city codes. He feels it’s unfair that codes sweeps vehicles so soon.

Macias says the administration is not out to get you, but that they’re just doing their job at keeping Midland intact. If you have a car that you need to get rid of, you can contact Midland Codes Administration and they will get rid of your vehicle free of charge.