FATAL CRASH UPDATE: FAA Registry Shows Plane Belongs to Midland Business

Crews inspect the scene of the plane crash in West Odessa Thursday afternoon.
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ECTOR COUNTY According to the FAA Registry, the plane is registered to N-Number N5679G which belongs to LM Air Patrol Service Inc. LM Air Patrol Services is based in Midland Texas.

The NTSB Tells CBS 7 the crash happened around 7 P.M. Wednesday Night and was discovered by Cemex Employees. They add the plane was flying about 100 feet from the ground.

An industry expert tells CBS 7 that LM Air Patrol Servies performs inspections of pipelines and production fields using planes. Normally pilots would fly around 500 feet, but they can be given low-level waivers allowing them to fly around 200 feet.

We have reached out to LM Air Patrol Services at this time but the number available for their offices has been disconnected. We will continue trying to reach out to employees with the company throughout the day.

As of Thursday evening a spokesperson with the NTSB told CBS 7 that their first task will be working with the FAA and local authorities on getting the plane down from the silo.

After the plane is down, members of the FAA and insurance agents will create paperwork which they will hand off to the NTSB before they start their investigation.

No timetable has been determined at this time.

--- Original Story:

New details have just been released in the small plane crash in West Odessa Wednesday night.

According to a news release from DPS, 46- year-old Ray Chennault from Goldsmith died in the accident.

The release states that the plane, a Cessna 150K, was flying eastbound and for unknown reasons crashed into a concrete silo.

The report says it was raining at the time of the crash though weather has not been declared a factor in the accident.

FAA inspectors are on their way to scene and will likely arrive sometime this morning.

The NTSB has been notified and will be the lead agency in the investigation.

There were no other injuries reported at the site of the crash.