38-Year Veteran Prepares to Say Goodbye to MPD

MIDLAND If you’ve ever spent time at the Midland International Air and Spaceport, you probably didn’t notice Lieutenant Victor Rivera, but he is a key component in the airport’s daily operations.

Aaron Easton

As one of the longest serving officers for the Midland Police Department with 38 years of service, Rivera has been assigned to the airport unit for the last seven years.

“The airport assignment is a different kind of assignment compared to the patrol in town, here we wait for things to happen,” Rivera said.

During his nearly 40 years on the job Rivera has served in every department within MPD, and he says serving the community was always at the center of his work.

“My goal has always been to serve the public and that's how I've worked all these years,” Rivera said.

As an officer with MPD, Rivera has helped create several programs with for the MPD including The Honor Guard, the DARE program, and the negotiations unit.

However, his work doesn’t stop there. On top of all his normal police work, he also volunteers to teach in his free time, working with several law enforcement agencies across the state.

“You can't keep what you’ve learned to yourself, you’ve gotta rid of it, you’ve gotta give it away and that’s what I do basically,” Rivera said.

Lt. Rivera will soon be taking on a new adventure – retirement – and he leaves behind and amazing legacy.

Rivera thinks it’s only fitting that his departure comes just a few weeks before the newest recruits will take to the streets.

“I want to be able to leave and say here’s my part, here’s my division and here’s my two units intact and they’re yours now,” Rivera said.

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