Ministry Holds Prays for the Future of Children in Need

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MIDLAND - In honor of National Foster Care month, Buckner Children and Family Services hosted a prayer walk at Midland College.

The group wanted to pray for the needs of children in foster care and those waiting for adoption.

“It’s basically to put the ministry in God’s hands and pray for the kids and families who are part of this ministry” Buckner Volunteer, Irene Sanchez, said.

Buckner has been a part of the community for more than 136 years, helping families with a hands-on ministry who serves those who are the most vulnerable.

According to the ministry there is a tremendous need for foster families in Texas, the prayer was to ask for more families to step forward and care for children in need.

For more information about Buckner Foster Care you can contact them at (432) 520 -5588 or at