Police: 19 Unidentified Victims After Wal Mart Employee Arrested for Taking Photos of Girls

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ODESSA- A now-former Wal Mart employee has turned himself in after admitting to photographing and videotaping an eight-year-old girl’s “intimate area” while she was at the store on JBS Parkway. The discovery was made after the girl’s mother made an outcry.

Arrest affidavits reveal Samuel Nabarrete initially faced one count of Invasive Visual Recording. He was arrested Tuesday and bonded out Wednesday on one count. Thursday, police issued 19 more warrants for the same charge, reporting there are at least 20 victims. 19 of the victims have yet to be identified, police say. Many of those victims appear to be young children.

“At that time we only had knowledge of the one incident,” LeSueur told the Odessa American.

Arrest affidavits reveal an interview with the parent of one victim who said while they were looking at fish in the aquarium, she noticed Nabarrete kneeling next to her daughter.

“..he had his phone positioned in a manner that appeared that he was taking pictures of her daughter’s intimate area,” the affidavit reads. The parent contacted a manager at the store.

When police arrived to the store, Nabarrete’s phone was confiscated and he gave consent for it to be searched. Police found photos of a child’s intimate area—but it was a different child. Nabarrete admitted he had taken photos of this child’s intimate area and videotaped, but was not sure where they were in his phone.

It all started with the first time an incident was reported back on January 31st. Arrest affidavits reveal that after searching Nabarrete’s cell phone using his private passcode, they found as many as 20 victims were photographed or videotaped by the Wal Mart employee.

Many of the victims were photographed while Nabarrete was working at the store—affidavits state some of the victims’ intimate areas were photographed while browsing the toy aisle at the store. In one harrowing incident, one victim was photographed 13 times by Nabarrete.

The filming goes as far back as July 2015. A call to Wal Mart corporate has not yet been returned.