20th 'Christmas Tour of Homes' raises thousands for scholarships

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ODESSA -- It's an Odessa holiday tradition, but the proceeds from this event are giving students a pretty great Christmas present: scholarships to Odessa College or the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

In just one day between sponsors and visitors: "We've raised over $35,000. We've had so many people come out to support us, a lot of kids are going to get to go to school," said Connie Coots, the executive vice president of the Odessa Board of Realtors.

Odessa community members helping their neighbors.

The money for the scholarships will be given directly to Odessa College and UTPB. The proceeds being split down the middle for the colleges.
"We have so many thank you notes from students over the years, thanked us for the opportunity to go to college here in Odessa," Coots commented.

Plus it's fun to participate, seeing the elegant décor, and unique parts to people's homes.

"We've enjoyed being here and enjoy our new home. We're just happy to share it with people," Sarah Moore.

Because 'tis the season to be jolly, and give back while also seeing the beauty of the holidays.

"We go into one and think it can't be beat, and then the next one is like, 'oh wow,' exclaimed Pam Cornett.