14 dogs found left for dead in Midland home

Published: Dec. 17, 2017 at 11:46 PM CST
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14 dogs were found dead in a Midland home after being abandoned for possibly six months.

The owner who formerly worked for a pet rescue in the Permian Basin has left her past colleagues to question why she didn't ask for help.

It’s believed that after the bank foreclosed on the home the horror that was left behind from the owner was discovered.

“There was some feces and urine on the floor, so we know at least [some of the dogs] were running in the house, and another part of them were in crates...somebody said dogs were left eating each other, I don't know, I don't know, I can't,” said President of Dust Bowl Animal Rescue, Mesha Randolph.

Randolph says the former owner of the house used to be an employee with them, that’s why Randolph doesn’t understand how she could leave behind her 14 dogs with no food or water for six months or longer.

“It's ultimate betrayal, I’ve devoted my life to this, I work in rescue full-time, and she did too at one point, the person that I met almost 4 years-ago, and the person that left these animals is not the same person,” said Randolph.

Randolph said there was fur everywhere and the corpse of the decaying dogs were unrecognizable.

The next-door-neighbors said they didn’t hear, see, or even smell anything.

“There has been no activity, there has been no lights, there's been not a car out there a day or night and I know it's been that way the last six months,” said Nicole Mendenhall.

Despite the sadness from knowing the dogs suffered, Randolph said this is a reminder.

“I think it's mental illness, I think it something that we really need to look at, I don't want to give her any outs, you know I'm so angry, that I can't really even wrap my head around the mental illness part of it,” said Randolph.

“At the same time relatives, anybody would’ve gone over there, it could've saved some lives.”

The Midland County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the case.

The 14 dogs did not belong to the rescue and were the personal dogs of the homeowner.