Local Subway adds specialty espresso drinks to menu

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ODESSA -- How do you serve the needs of residents living in a newly developed area of town and stand apart in the competitive foodservice industry?

For local Subway franchisee, Nathan Notley, the answer is to provide convenient access to freshly prepared espresso and specialty drinks.

Notley heard talk that residents of North Odessa wanted a coffee shop nearby, so he approached Subway with the idea of incorporating espresso and specialty drinks into his menu.

They allowed him to adopt their espresso program, tweak it to fit locally, and launch in October of 2017.

Subway 87th St. is only the second Subway in Texas to serve espresso drinks outside of Subway’s “Subway Cafe” brand.

In addition to Subway’s full menu of standard options, guests can order a wide variety of espresso-based drinks, as well as a range of frozen blended drinks and non-coffee options like hot chocolate, Tazo Tea, and Chai Lattes.

Visit Subway 87th street at 980 e 87th Street B, Odessa, TX 79765 and on Facebook.