Rimrock Raceway hopes to keep racing and dangerous road activities off the street and to the track

Published: Nov. 19, 2023 at 5:23 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Midessa Rimrock Raceway hosted its first drift bash event in Odessa.

They are having the drift bash event in hopes of keeping the dangerous street racing activities off the roads and to move it to a fun racetrack in Odessa.

Street racing has been a serious issue in West Texas for a long time.

Street racing is illegal and dangerous, but Rimrock Raceway and drift bash events are ways for people to get thrills racing in a safe environment.

“With cars being more rowdy nowadays and with them having more power than they used to be. The cops are really cracking down on what we’re doing on the streets and everything else and two is not safe to be in these streets.” said co-founder of club Manji Andrew Wooten.

The drift bash event was held so drivers would have a safe place to push their car to the limits.

Rimrock raceway saw that drivers needed a place to race and to have fun.

“Literally no outlet for type of motorsports in the area so we saw a hole in the market. Currently if you want to go drifting in this particular area. You are looking for a minimum seven- or eight-hour drive.” said co-founder of club Manji Austin Ford

This event provided an opportunity for people to learn new skills on the racetrack.

They were also able to learn more about their cars.

“It’s a really great experience. Makes me learn about my car and like my future projects on what I need to do. it really needs more power that’s for sure.” said drift bash participant Alex Carrillo

Now they can have a spot to get rowdy without people getting hurt.

“I kind of learn more about my car, getting to know the way it handles and feels and practicing doing things you can’t legally do on the street. On a closed course where you can do these kinds of things” said drift bash participant Justus Sly.

Rimrock raceway will have more drift bash events in the Spring.