The Field’s Edge hosts harvest festival to celebrate anniversary

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Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 7:07 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The Field’s Edge celebrated almost a year since they built home pods for people who were homeless.

Now, people across the area can get a chance to meet some of the people that call The Field’s Edge home. With a harvest festival with lots of activities to do.

“There are over 250 homeless people in Midland, Texas right now. And we’ve built this place to bring people off the streets and into a community of people that care about them. So we really want our city and our community that we’re here and to know that we have a lot more homes to build.” said the Founder and CEO of the Field’s Edge, John-Mark Echols.

The harvest festival at The Field’s Edge had food vendors, live music and a petting zoo.

With the rain this morning, they had to pivot a little bit, but everything is still on track.

Some of the residents at the village will also help out by selling jewelry and food.

The first members to join this village came in December of last year. So nearing the anniversary, this event is also an open invitation for people across the area to come and check out the small village. And to meet some of the people that weren’t as fortunate as others.

“There are people here in Midland that come here, that for whatever reason, get derailed from their goals. And there needs to be more places like these tiny homes for people to live.” said Teddy George, one of the residents at The Field’s Edge.

George came to Midland from Montana to work, but when he got here, there was no job for him. Which led to him being homeless.

At the moment they have around 10 homes built, but they plan to expand and build around 90 in total.

Even though these are small home pods, for many of those that live there, it’s a blessing.

“It’s changed my life and enriched it dinners and social gatherings.” said Perri Kinsolving, a resident at The Field’s Edge.