Curb Side Bistro chef finishes top five in world for cooking competition

Curb Side Bistro chef finishes top five in world for cooking competition
Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 2:34 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Within the last 6 months, chef Alejandro has expanded his menu to the tall city. But over the weekend chef gave people not just in Dallas but across the world a chance to try his food.

“I never thought we could compete on a world stage before,” said Alejandro Barrientos, Curb Side Bistro Co-Owner and Head Chef

For the last two years, chef Alejandro Barrientos has been working to compete on a world stage and represent West Texas.

“I went to compete. I actually had to go to Tennessee and the first year I didn’t make it and this last year we won first place so it’s funny I had to go to Tennessee to come back to compete in Dallas which is a big old loop but all worth it” said Barrientos

Chef Alejandro competed in the bacon category where he went up against 17 other chefs across the world including chefs from Australia and Korea.

For Chef Alejandro it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“And you’re seeing all these styles with how they talk to one another and how they actually work in a kitchen. Everyone has their own style and it was amazing to see” said Barrientos

It’s no secret to West Texans that Chef Alejandro can make a great dish. But for him, this past weekend was a chance to let others who aren’t from here try his creations.

“So we did feed quite a few people there and just the reception of how delicious it was. People don’t see a lot of cooking techniques or the thought that goes behind it but at the end of the day we wanted to know did it tasted good and we got an overwhelming response” said Barrientos

Chef made two dishes, a holiday-themed breakfast made of cornbread stuffing with a poached egg and bacon-wrapped chicken with homemade cranberry sauce and turkey bacon mushroom gravy.

The second dish was bacon mac and cheese which was a fan favorite at the contest.

Chef finished 5th place in the bacon category for the entire world.

“We’re already making plans and since I got top 5 in the world this round d I got my automatic invitation for next year. So I’m already involved in next year. So it’s time to start planning and there are a couple of other categories I’m trying to get into with the burger category so I can get into that bacon and burger category. So we’ll see what happens” said Barrientos

If you wanna try chef’s food from the competition he plans on adding those dishes to the menu soon.