The Transition Fair 2023

Published: Nov. 1, 2023 at 6:32 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The Region 18 education services hosted a transition fair to help students to plan for their future.

Students across the Permian basin attended the event to help students prepare for life after high school or college.

This was one of the largest transition fairs so far.

Around four hundred fifty students took part in the event where they were able to speak with employers and college representatives one-on-one.

“Transition programs are an excellent way for kids to get out there and get more information than what they might know than staying in the high school setting. It gives them opportunities to seek out job placements.” said Michele Spinks.

The region eighteen education services want to make sure that students have the proper planning for the career they choose to pursue when they graduate.

“So many kids that I know from what I see in my family circle and the people that I know when they walk out that campus. they have no idea what steps they need to take whether trying to find a job or going to college.” said Michele Spinks.

There were sessions for students and parents to learn about what employers have to offer.

Motivational speakers at the event aimed to inspire students to achieve their goals.

“If I can convey a message to them that I struggled, hopefully that will give them some hope to be able to grab on to and realize that they can get through their own struggle.” said motivational speaker James Strickland.

The region eighteen education services can help students find a career that best fits them when they graduate from high school.

Alongside learning what those jobs have to offer, students were also able to understand how to leave their comfort zone when it comes to job opportunities.

“Is letting them know to get up and ask questions. Some of the kids seem little anxious about should they talk to somebody, what they should say. So, this gives them that opportunity to break that barrier.” said Michele Spinks.

The transition fair was also for students with special disabilities to find a career after high school.